Compass is an economic development, management and consultancy company focused on serving companies in numerous sectors including: property, infrastructure, construction, manufacturing, energy, technology, healthcare and medical, trade and services,.  We are primarily an economic development company working with projects and companies which demonstrate strong vision and leadership in pioneering innovative solutions to global issues. We work with companies, and their people, to build strong businesses and eco-systems developing and executing growth programs alongside our clients to help achieve their goals. 

Compass seeks to support economic and small business development in communities by strengthening the availability of capital and entrepreneurial know-how to small, medium and large businesses and to improve connectivity to regional economic drivers and partnerships including Public-Private Partnerships. We focus on the business ecosystem of a specific region and how well its economy functions and build local capacity to regenerate and create opportunities to develop sustainable projects.  

Our strategies are aligned with the 17 SDG’s, always considering the environment and all stakeholders when committing to and influencing a project, directive or advocacy.

Developing sustainable projects is essential for a region's economic growth and social progress. These projects can support access to healthcare, education, clean water, and energy, among other critical needs. However, sustainable development in a number of countries face significant challenges, such as political instability, poverty, and inadequate infrastructure. In this context, the Compass Economic Development Group have an important role to play in driving development through the adoption of a strategic approach to ensure success highlighted below.

  1. Identifying High-Impact Investment Opportunities: Compass Economic conducts a thorough analysis of the economic and social needs of a target country. This analysis helps to identify high-impact investment opportunities in critical areas such as renewable energy, agriculture, and infrastructure. Focused investment into high-impact projects will help to promote sustainable development, create job opportunities, and improve social conditions.
  2. Working with local and national partners: To ensure the success of sustainable projects, Compass Economic establishes strong partnerships with local and national partnerships, including governments, local commercial businesses, and landowners. Local knowledge and expertise are essential to identifying and addressing the specific challenges of each region. By working with local partnerships, Compass Economic can promote inclusive growth that benefits the entire community.
  3. Developing Innovative Financing Models: Developing sustainable projects often requires innovative financing models that take into account the unique challenges of the region.  Financing is designed around the modelling of Impact Investment which seeks to generate social and environmental benefits alongside financial returns and can be an effective way to mobilise capital and drive sustainable development.
  4. Deploying New Technologies: Innovative technologies can help to accelerate sustainable development. For example, advances in renewable energy, such as solar and wind power and other pioneering energy solutions, our investment of time, resources and funding can help to provide affordable, clean energy to underserved communities. New technologies can also support more efficient banking systems and trade networks, making it easier for businesses to access capital and reach new markets.
  5. Monitoring and Evaluation: Monitoring and evaluating sustainable projects is critical to ensure their long-term success. Compass Economic’s management and reporting commitment is designed to establish clear metrics to track the impact of an investment on local communities and the environment. This process helps to identify potential challenges early and make necessary adjustments to the project design.

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